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Volunteer Roles Squamish & Whistler

Join HSMB Executive Board


Our sport continues to grow, however, as our kids grow and age out of the program, our board members and volunteers move on.  We are continually rebuilding volunteer support to be able to continue providing baseball and softball in the corridor.

Our Board meets monthly from September through the beginning of the season. These positions help us make sure we are on top of everything and organized for the upcoming season.  The time required varies through the year, peaking as registration closes in March and we prepare for the season to begin.   It is a short season and we work to create a rinse-and-repeat system for the next generation.






Still needed

Vice President of Softball

Division, Event and Umpire Coordinators

A Great Season Begins with an Amazing Team


"If everyone can do a little, no one needs to do a lot". 

We want all of our parents to enjoy the baseball season.  Please consider how you can help! 

We have fine-tuned our needs throughout our short season.  If you could help us with anything on this list or know a friend or family member who could, please reach out!