Does your child enjoy playing baseball?  Have they thought about umpiring a game or does your child ever express their opinions about plays and calls when they are watching or participating in a game?

If your child is 10 years old or older (born 2012 or earlier) during the 2022 calendar year and wants to learn how to be an umpire and to umpire a few of our Howe Sound Minor Ball Association games, have them come to one of the umpire clinic sessions that is being offered!

Essential Life Skills:

Umpiring will provide your child with the opportunity to develop some “life skills” that they can take with them throughout their journey in life.

Umpiring provides your child with the opportunities to exercise social skills such as communication, anger management, and conflict resolution.  The interaction with other umpires, players, coaches, and administrators will help them become more socially competent.  It will also help them develop their knowledge of the rules of baseball.

Problem-solving and decision-making skills are probably the most important skills that an umpire must develop.  The ability to make timely, logical decisions and to solve problems is a great tool for any youth’s skill set.  As an umpire, your child will be challenged to make decisions during the course of a game and throughout their career.